Money Laundering Reporting Officer Services

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At Gold Leaf Consulting, we provide comprehensive Money Laundering Reporting
Officer (“MLRO”) services to licensed financial institutions, including Funds and
Approved Fund Managers, as well as locally registered Designated Non-Financial
Services Businesses (“DNFBPs”) in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”). Clients trust us as
their external MLRO service provider due to our extensive experience and expertise as
compliance and regulatory specialists.

With a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and stringent anti-money
laundering (“AML”) requirements, our team is well-equipped to fulfill the MLRO role
effectively. We work closely with our clients to ensure compliance with regulatory
obligations, implement robust AML policies and procedures, and conduct ongoing
monitoring and reporting activities.

Our MLRO services offer peace of mind to our clients, knowing that experienced professionals manage their AML responsibilities. Whether you are a financial institution or a DNFBP, we are committed to providing tailored MLRO services that meet your specific needs and regulatory requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how our MLRO services can help strengthen your AML compliance program and safeguard your business against financial crime risks.

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