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High Risk and Complexed Compliance Reviews

At Gold Leaf Consulting, we recognise the importance of thorough onboarding
processes, especially in cases where relationships pose high risks or involve unusual
circumstances. Our extensive experience has revealed that even with existing compliance functions, licensed entities often seek external expertise to ensure
comprehensive onboarding procedures.

With this service, our team goes beyond traditional legal review by providing practical
solutions for onboarding that comply with legislation and international best practice
standards. Our legal memoranda not only advises from a legal standpoint but also offers
actionable onboarding strategies tailored to each unique case.

Whether you’re navigating high-risk relationships or considering onboarding with a
sanctioned individual or entity (SSD), our Onboarding Reviews and Legal Memorandum
service provides invaluable support. We understand the complexities involved and are
committed to assisting our clients in performing onboarding processes with confidence
and compliance.

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